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About Japanese Guest Houses

Most Important Points


Why Book Your Ryokan Stay with JGH?

You deserve personalized service when booking your ryokan and that is what Japanese Guest Houses give you. Your reservation is important so why leave it to a computer program when you can have actual Japanese experts helping you.

Personal Service from Real People in Japan

When you click “Request Availability” it is sent to a real person who reads your comments and then calls your ryokan to check availability. They also ask any questions you may have and makes sure this is an ideal ryokan for you. Personal service and care is important to you so it is important to us.

Personal Relationships with Our Ryokans

Since we call the ryokan were you are staying we have a strong and personal relationship with them. Ryokans are often family owned an operated so knowing the family help.

We Make Sure Your Reservation is as You Requested

Staying at a ryokan is a personal experience and we all have different requests so we work with the ryokan and with you to make sure that everything is as expected.

Japanese Guest Houses Values:

  • Trips of Experience – connect our guests to the culture and with our suppliers
  • Personal Service – friendly service with a smile inside when working with our guests, suppliers, company, coworkers and ourselves
  • Hard Work – for our guests, suppliers, company, coworkers and ourselves
  • Integrity – when we say we will do something we do it. When we make a mistake we fix it and look for a solution, so we do not make the same mistake again
  • Responsible Travel – guest safety, efficient, minimal impact on the area, environmentally conscience, minimal waste (of resources, time and energy), protect what is of value to us, our suppliers and our guests
  • Respectful – to each other, to guests, to service providers, to community.
  • Non-Judgmental

Japanese Guest Houses will make sure your reservation is accurate and also assist you while you are traveling in Japan by e-mail or phone.

Make your reservation with Japanese Guest Houses for a unique Japanese experience.

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