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Sightseeing with Your Eyes Open

August 12th, 2011 by Jeff Aasgaard

While you are in Japan, of course you will have to visit popular landmarks such as Mt Fuji, temples in Kyoto, Miyajima… Those places are a must; but your travel is not restricted to the touristic spots, there are plenty of surprising things in Japan, everywhere, you just need to look around you.

The staff of Rediscover Japan lives around Osaka, so we would like to show you some examples of interesting things that we found near Osaka.

Japanese Baseball as a Cultural Experience

High School Baseball Tournament at Koshien

If you are in Kansai now, or within Sunday August 14th, why don’t you go to see a baseball game at Koshien. They are now holding the National high-school baseball tournament. This tournament is one of the most popular even in Japan. Games are on the air on two different national channels; great atmosphere; 40,000 people in the stadium everyday for 2 weeks…and some seats are free !

Square Watermelon in Japan

Square Watermelon in Japan

If you like fruits, you might be surprised by the price of fruits in Japan. To grow a fruit in Japan is more or less an Art. How about this square watermelon, for 130 US Dollars!! I hope they guarantee the taste for this price.

Nice Custom Bike in Japan

Nice Custom Bike in Japan

This bicycle is probably not easy to ride, but looks great. If you cannot afford a real Harley-Davidson this might be a good alternative…

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