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Tips For Planning A Fantastic Holiday in Japan

October 3rd, 2013 by Vincent Penez

Japan, like many other countries, can be overwhelming at first. It can also be expensive if you’re after luxurious treats. Food and accommodation can cost hundreds of dollars a day. However, you can do many things in a much cheaper way with a bit of help, and this won’t stop you from having a fantastic holiday in Japan.


Miyajima In Japan

Miyajima In Japan


*Food Expenses*
If you want to cut down on the cost of food, then there are many tasty but
cheap options for you to do so. For light dishes, many fast food joints,
service cafes and machine café options can be found in most towns across
the country. The food is fresh, tastes fantastic, and costs a few pennies.
For a taste of Japan’s curries, there are various chains of Japanese
restaurants across the country like Sukiya, Matsuya and Yoshinoya. These
places allow you to enjoy the most popular Japanese cuisines like curries,
Sushi and salads, and will only cost about 5 US dollars or less. These
small chains of restaurants offer exciting experience food-wise, but they
also have warm, welcoming environments, reflecting the true Japanese
spirit. Most restaurants in Japan display menu and prices outside, which
makes it easy to gauge the perceived value.

*Entertainment *
Every city in Japan has a myriad of bars and clubs for those who love
having a beer after a long day. Some of these joints have special offers
for food and beer. Imagine having fixed prices as low as 300 Yen on food
and beer. You can also buy food and beer at convenience stores or super
markets across the country at much cheaper prices than what’s offered in
clubs and bars.

*Super-Bargain Shops*
100 yen shops evenly distributed in major city centers offer various
products like food, toys, household items and many more. The price tag on
products offered in these stores is usually under 1 US dollar – in my view
is a great way to save. These stores offer original items, so they make a
terrific choice when you want to carry presents back home.

You’ll never fall short of places to visit, since Japan has countless
attractions, like the Golden Pavilion Temple, Mount Fuji, the Tokyo
Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, the Todaiji Temple (which is the largest
wooden building in the world), the renowned Great Buddha of Kamakura, the
finest architectural structure the Himeji Castle, Kiyomizu-dera (a Buddhist
temple), Jigokudani Monkey Park located in the legendary hot spring area,
and Hiroshima Peace Memorial. The best part? People don’t have to pay a
dime to visit half of these places. You can also take advantage of vouchers
and offers to get tickets at discounted prices, so always Google or ask
about youth/senior discounts and the like.

During off-peak seasons, things will be slower, as people are back to work
and schools are usually open. September and October during the autumn
weather is usually off-peak time in Japan, when schools are open and people
are back to work. You can also plan your travel in April when you want to
enjoy the cherry blossom weather. Your stay during such times is less
hectic, places are less congested and the prices are usually much more

*Getting Around*
If you’ll be traveling all over the place, consider a Japan railpass. This
may or may not be worth it for you, so you should first find out how much
it will cost to buy individual tickets. Japan has an amazing route-planning
tool at – check it out, then find out the price of the
railpass you need and order ASAP!

Take time to conduct your own research. That way, you can discover
different options that can make a cheap but memorable stay in Japan. When looking for cheap accommodation with great facilities, you’ll discover that prices vary especially when you move further away from attraction sites. For better travel options, stay near places you intend to visit or near public transport station.

I think it’s safe to say that planning ahead is the best option at your fingers if you want to enjoy your stay in a foreign country, especially Japan!

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