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There are hundreds of great sites about Japan. Here are just a few we think are both useful and enjoyable. Here are also some Books on Japan we personally recommend reading before, during or after your trip to Japan.

Japan Websites

Japan Roads Tours Tours to Experience Japan’s Cultural Diversity

Japan National Tourist Organization’s main website

Rediscover Tours ( for Travelers to see Japan and Vietnam

Hometown Homepage will tell you about the different regions of Japan

Kyotogardens Introduction to the best Kyoto gardens

The Tokyo Food Page: What to eat and where to eat in Tokyo

Comprehensive guide to traveling and living in Japan:

Welcome to Sake World, a site devoted to Japanese sake

Explore Japanese pottery at Robert Yellin’s Online Pottery Store

Japan Web Guide FAQ about Japan – guide to working, visiting, living in Japan

Explore Japanese pottery at Robert Yellin’s Online Pottery Store

Outdoor Japan: a guide to everything outdoor in Japan

For a comprehensive guide to everything Japanese, visit The Japan Zone

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